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Certified in pre and post-natal fitness, we have a passion for working with mummas through their pregnancy recovery fitness and wellbeing beyond into normal fitness regimes. We work with a wide range of clients, not just mummas. Tailoring programs towards your goals gaining strength and confidence in your movement.


$55 per casual sessions
$200 4 x sessions 


$35 each or $70 per session
$256 4x sessions ($32 each p/s)


$26 per class
$96 4x classes 

$180 8x classes 


Many women wish to commence or continue exercising during and post pregnancy. So it’s important that you seek out a certified trainer to provide an individually tailored, effective and safe exercise program.


We understand that big commercial gyms are not for everyone, and in some cases they can be quite intimidating. So we keep our classes small and limited so we can concentrate on individual needs while keeping our standards high and creating a personal experience. Your health is a priority to us and we look forward to helping our clients succeed with whatever their goals may be. Offering Group, 1:1 or 2:1 training means we use a variety of workouts (Strength, Hiit, Cardio) that are programmed to suit you.

Meet Carly


I’m a personal trainer and mother based in Yarraville, Victoria. I inspire women and men alike on their journey to becoming strong and empowered. With over eight years of experience, I bring a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training my clients, helping them to realise that the best thing they can be is strong and happy.


I believe in a well-balanced lifestyle. You don’t have to cook fancy dishes or make complicated masterpieces; all you need are fresh ingredients. Every time you eat it is an opportunity to nourish your body. Let’s chat about how we can implement a healthy lifestyle and create good food choices for you.

Ready to put yourself first?


Carly is amazing! The workout can be tailored to your needs, they are fun but also challenging. I love working up a sweat; it’s the highlight of my day and leaves me feeling more energised. I really enjoyed growing in confidence post-partum with Carly. I thought I had to go to a pricey gym to feel like I had done a great workout, but I was wrong – Carly is incredible! I would definitely recommend her to anybody!

Training with Carly has been an awesome experience. She is both parts kind and firm. She listens to my whining and laughs at my silly ‘do I have too’ and ‘5 more’ faces. I was looking for someone who believed me when I said weight lose wasn’t a priority. My fitness goals are around strength, flexibility and endurance and in the short time I’ve been working with Carly we have smashed it! I feel strong and happy. So if you’re thinking about it, do it! She’s worth it and you deserve it!!


Monday training sessions with Carly are my sanctuary. Not only is she a great trainer, her studio provides a safe space for mums to train with their bubs. I started training with Carly six weeks post-partum and still look forward to her sessions six months later. The variety is great and she constantly provides options to modify for each individual in the class. Thank you Carly for giving me the confidence to get back to something I love!

I’m so lucky that I have Everybody’s PT and Carly in my corner. I started training with her when I was pregnant and went all the way through and safely trained until I was 40 weeks. At six weeks post-partum I started Carly’s mums and bubs boot camps. It’s been a safe space for me and bubs to go to train and for me to gain back my confidence, strength and love for training. I cannot recommend Carly and her sessions highly enough!


What do I need to bring to my session?
Just yourself! A water bottle, towel and smile!
What is your Cancelation Policy?
Here at Everybody’s PT we understand not every day is the same and can be difficult to navigate; not all nights are seamless with sleep and little humans. Therefore we have a four-hour cancelation policy. This allows waitlisted clients to be contacted. If failure to adhere to the four-hour time frame, you will be charged the session price.
Do you cater for all fitness types?
Yes! We have everything from “I haven’t exercised in years!” through to pregnancy and far beyond the post-partum phase.
How long after giving birth can I start training?
Once you have been cleared by your medical professional.

Yarraville, Victoria

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Everybody's PT is certified in pre and post-natal fitness. Exercise and health are matters that vary from person to person. You should always consult a physician before starting a fitness program or changing your diet. Please read our full Terms and conditions here.

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